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In the Mix - Drug Abuse: Altered States

1998 NIDA Media Advisory, Science and Public Join Together to Confront Local Drug Abuse and Addiction Issues at Boston Town Meeting

Brought to you by the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign and Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment, Freevibe is a drug education Web site created just for teens. Freevibe encourages teens to understand the real and serious consequences of drug use. It includes lifestyle tips, entertainment news, radio stations, cool facts, and links to other sites.

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World Book Online Go to World Book and put in the search term "Drug Abuse"



The Joy of Non-Smoking | ahealthyme.com
So you want to know the truth about tobacco? The teens on this site are trying to encourage other young people to think for themselves and take control of who they want to be and how they want to live their lives.

Cocaine Ecstasy

Cocaine Addiction Rehabilitation from CocaineAbuse.Net sponsored by Narconon Northern California
Ecstasy Drug: the traitor exposed


Alcohol and Teen Drinking
Kids and Alcohol
Alcohol Explained: What Is Alcohol?
Alcohol, Drugs and Other Addictions


Marijuana: Facts for Teens
Tips for Teens About Marijuana
ForReal.org: Marijuana Education for Teens
What's Up With Marijuana?