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China 1900 to 1976

Opium Wars, 1839-1842



England and China: The Opium Wars, 1839-60


The first Opium War


First Anglo-Chinese War (1839–42), known popularly as the First Opium War


Opium Wars

Library of Congress - Opium Wars

The Taiping Rebellion, 1851-1864
The Taiping Rebellion was a widespread civil war in southern China from 1850 to 1864, led byheterodox Christian convert Hong Xiuquan, against the ruling Qing Dynasty. About 20 million people died, mainly civilians, in one of the deadliest military conflicts in history.[1]

Chinese Cultural Studies

Motives Behind Hong Xiuquan and the Taiping Rebellion

Tian Heng and His 500 Retainers*

What was the Taiping Rebellion?

First Sino-Japanese War, 1894-1895

First Sino-Japanese War

The Boxer Rebellion, 1899-1901

The Boxer Uprising

Boxer Rebellion in Depth (scroll down to see text)

Primary Source:

Fei Ch'i-hao was a Chinese Christian. Here he recounts the activities of the millenialist "Boxers" in the Boxer Rebellion of 1900.

The Boxer Rebellion Spheres of Influence

New World Encyclopedia - Boxer Rebellion

The Revolution of 1911

China's 1911 Revolution, also known as Xinhai Revolution

The inside Story of the Revolution

Republic of China (1911-1949)*

Office of the Historian - US dept. of state

Battles for Power

Late 19th Century Revolutionary ideas and organizations - scroll to middle of webpage